there's no place I can be since I found serenity

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Completelly free
Є.Гапчинська, "п'ю щастя"
(I wrote it for the Future Learn online course Start Writing Fiction)

The sleeping bag that Alex borrowed her was soft and smelled like his cat.
“You can keep it, - he said yawning, when she showed up on his doorstep at 6 a.m. on Saturday. – And never ever knock on this door before midday, capish?”
The morning was foggy and fresh. She bought a cup of black coffee in a stupidly overpriced coffee shop by his house and drank it sitting on a bus stop. People were passing her, not realizing that they are witnessing the birth of a new person.
Around 7:30 she through away the cup with her horrifically misspelled name, written in a thick black marker, and put her hand in the coat pocket, just to touch the ticket again. Here it is. Her only bag was waiting for her in a luggage locket at the Northern bus terminal.
For the first time in her life she was completely free.


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