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How to make a woman happy
Є.Гапчинська, "п'ю щастя"
(I wrote it for the Future Learn online course Start Writing Fiction)

Emma said that I have no idea about how to make a woman happy. That’s true – I’m really clueless, even though I’m a woman too. I never thought that I need to know those things; it’s enough that my husband knows how to make me happy.
But my sister was in complete hysterics. And why? Because for once I decided to give her a really nice, expensive present. The one I dreamed about myself (speaking about making women happy, sis!) and the one I could barely afford.
Only after five minutes of her crying and mumbling through the tears I understood, that it’s not me, who was accused of not knowing “shit about women” and being “a pathetic bastard”. It was not me, who “gave up on everything after 10 years of marriage” and who was “not worth a single tear!” It was not me, who has to pack “that dirty suitcase and go to that dirty whore” and who will never see their kids again.
I really need to stop thinking that everyone will be happy to spend two days in a couples retreat advertized as a “true winter wonderland”. Also I think I need to speak to my sister more...


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